IŞIK BOYA has been operating as a distributor since 1968 with the world-known Devilbiss and Loctite brands, as well as the 100% domestic Sintaş Boya brand. In this sense, as a distributor company, it has become a well-established source of supply in the market.

With the sense of responsibility of being a constantly growing company, we started to give more importance to the import and export dimension of our trade with our RS brand. In the coming period, our work in this direction will develop even stronger.

Our Mission

It is our priority to deliver our high quality products to our customers on time and to respond to their needs. For this, we work as a team with our management, sales and technical support team. The continuity of development and innovation, which have been our most important criteria since the establishment of our company, has become our basic principle with the responsibility of our place in the market.

our vision

To be an industry leader that is innovative, respectful to the environment and people, constantly developing, in harmony with its employees, customers and suppliers...